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Before we get to the notes, we know there are some ongoing issues that have been frustrating you folks that didn’t make it into this patch. We are actively working on many improvements and we’re aware of the reports around audio issues, slow mo servers, hit registration, and more. I’ll provide more info when I can but know that we hear you folks and working hard to address this stuff. For 1.1.1 we’re introducing some balance adjustments for Legends and weapons, check out designer notes and info below:

Hey All,

Leeeeeee-RSPN here with RespawnSean, Jayfresh_Respawn & Scriptacus to give a quick update on live balance for Legends and weapons.


At the start of Season 1, we previously talked about how our beloved Thicc Bois (Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic) were getting crushed due to their hitbox size compared to other Legends. We first wanted to try adjusting hitboxes to better fit the model. For Pathfinder, this change worked very well. (Note: separately, we are actively investigating and working on fixing unrelated hit registration issues sometimes affecting all characters). However, after looking at the data and player feedback, Gibraltar and Caustic only improved slightly with the hitbox adjustments.

We don’t believe that hit box and character kit tuning is sufficient to bring Gibraltar and Caustic in line with their smaller competitors. Starting with Patch 1.1.1, Gibraltar and Caustic will get a new perk added to their passive - Fortified**, which reduces damage taken by 10%.** Over the week or two following this change, we will be watching how they perform with this additional protection and aggressively tune it if they are still underpowered relative to their size. Our goal is to ensure both Legends are viable picks by the end of this process.


Dear lord. On my main account i came across a comment on a post in an ask men sub, it seemed vaguely familiar, so I clicked the user name and looked through the profile. I click on profiles all the time if a comment seems familiar, or interesting...

This is my sons account. It has to be. The comment he posted is about something that happened while I was there. He had a more detailed post about that specific day. He had another previous post about an event in his life I knew about and knew some details about. He had a few other posts which I also read.

I now know what gets him going sexually. Not something I needed to know.

I know what his girlfriend likes sexually. Also, not something I needed to know. Also quite surprising.

I know how embarrassed he felt about an emotional time he had somewhat recently with my wife. I feel kind of heart broken for him about that one.

I know that when he was 17 he snooped in mine and my wife’s room, and came across our ‘treasure chest’. Which included pictures of my wife and I...I feel kind of pissed about that one.

In reading through the comments he’s made to others, I’ve learned that he is wise beyond his years and an incredibly kind human. I feel very proud about that.

Overall, I wish I never clicked that first comment. I know waaaay more about his sex life than a father should.

TL;DR. Accidentally discovered my son on reddit. Found out about his kinky sex life, some heart break, and that the little fucker has snooped through my room.

edited to add: yes, I shouldn’t have read all of it. And some posts I stayed away from. And honestly, I didn’t realize it right-right away. The first post I read sounded like him, but there are millions of redditors. It was after another that I really put the pieces together. And yeah, their might be some hypocrisy about being slightly mad about him snooping through my room. But hey, life isn’t always fair. I also have no intention of tell him, or anyone else anything I read.


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