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The Warriors hid a Serbian teenager in Santa Cruz for a year, and then drafted him

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The Pelicans have learned from the mistakes of the Anthony Davis era

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Nothing is guaranteed when drafting. Not even a first rounder.

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At the very worst, the Hawks just got a lot more exciting

Damian Lillard is better than Marvin Bagley at basketball AND rap

Why each AFC North team will go over and under their Vegas win total in 2019

Why each NFC South team will go over and under their Vegas win total in 2019

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The top 50 players at the 2019 women’s World Cup

Women’s soccer has never been more competitive, and the Golden Ball race has never been more wide open.

Women's World Cup

Ranking all 23 USWNT players by how important they are to winning the World Cup

Why each AFC West team will go over and under their Vegas win total in 2019

The 2019 NBA Draft class was the most genuine one yet

Why each NFC North team will go over and under their Vegas win total in 2019

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The USWNT’s equal pay lawsuit is a fight for all of women’s sports

It shouldn’t take unequaled greatness for women to get equal pay.

The 5 best undrafted free agents from the 2019 class

The 8 people you’ll meet at a Cowboys-Bills Thanksgiving

With Les Miles, Kansas will now lose in wackier fashion!

This new Grizzlies team is the reason you need NBA League Pass

How your NFL team can fix its biggest offseason needs

The Suns have one job: build around Devin Booker. They’re failing miserably

1 favorite, 1 sleeper, 1 overvalued favorite for the Women’s World Cup knockout stage

10 best bets for over and under Vegas NFL win totals in 2019

We interrupt this NBA Draft for a rap battle starring Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley

Plan the perfect BBQ and we’ll give you a WNBA team to cheer for

The WNBA is better than ever and it’s time to find a team to follow this summer.


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What to do with NBA Draft prospects, as well as a player, who tweeted gay slurs?

Who is the real Cam Reddish? Hawks fans now get to find out

New Bulls point guard Coby White is built for buckets

Timberwolves’ Jarrett Culver is the NBA Draft’s most versatile prospect after Zion Williamson

Fighting in the age of loneliness

This is the story of our weird, stupid, magical bloodsport.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

De’Andre Hunter’s evolution into a top-five pick is the best kind of success story

The 5 best fits of the 2019 NBA Draft

Who is Ja Morant? Memphis Grizzlies’ No. 2 overall NBA Draft pick, explained

How Zion Williamson went from high school mixtape star to can’t-miss No. 1 pick

The Rays splitting time between Tampa and Montreal is absurd, but fun to think about